the essence of color

I chose this photo due to the fact, that the composer of this piece did an incredible job at using multiple shades of green, ultimately creating a piece of with depth.
This piece exhibits darker shades of reds, yellows and blacks. The color selection allows the viewer to understand how regal the wedding, depicted is truly.
This portrait of George Washington uses colors that utility elude to his power and status within in the nation at the time. Colors such as dark reds and brown shades.
This piece's use of multiple colors leads the viewers eyes in a variation of places. However, they use the color to set a focal point of the piece.
The color in this piece provides depth and incredible atmospheric perspective.
This piece as well uses color provide visually astonishing atmospheric perspective.
The color are natural. Focused on the color and the light, yet not extremely detailed. The natural light given to this piece makes it complete.
The photograph lacks color. However, it is this photos lack of color that gives it its depth and feel. The viewer is aware of the time period and feel of the photo based on its perspective and that of its lack of color.
This photo uses bright colors in a dark environment to add emphasis to certain areas. This creates a grand illusion.
The photos use of reds adds a powerful feel and depth, but also beauty to the piece.
I chose this photo because it is a great example of color blocking! The Sloth is black and white, while the pole is yellow. This adds depth to a 2-D wall piece.
This piece exhibits a lot of color used in correlation with the brain. It shows a type of imagination. Even though the color are scattered, they still work well in this piece.
The sunset in this piece uses incredible natural oranges and yellows to create the illusion of depth between the mountains.
Seeing this artwork in person, it relays excitement and awe with its colors and decadence. The color brings together an incredible royal feel, with the emotion of bright colors.
These colors are very fluid when positioned next to each other. its pattern in alignment with the color creates the illusion of a fluid motion.
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