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I chose this picture because it shows atmospheric perspective. It has a blurred out mountain in the background and a crisp river and rocks in the foreground.
This is a picture of low contrast because it is a blurry picture and does not have a crisp object
This is an example of a high contrast image because it is focused on one part of the value scale and is crisp and focused on one thing.
This is an example of chiaroscuro because there is only one light source and the rest of the image is crisp and clear.
This is an example of a cast shadow, it is a photograph of a lady with a shadow that is casted from her from a different angle.
This is an example of a attached shadow and it gives the image a look from a different angle and perspective.
This is an example of value distribution (Balance) because it evenly distributes the shades of light and dark to show that there are objects such as clouds.
This is an example of volumetric value you can notice the different shades on the shape and the shadow that shows that it has volume.
This is an example of unbalanced value distribution because in this image it is mainly just black, you can hardly pick out the object that's in the middle.
This is an example of the value scale because there is an arrangement of shades of light and dark in this image from black to the lightest gray.
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