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It is the first time that I choose a sofa as my favorite displays. It is so perfect in my eyes. It made by John H. Belter. I guess the sofa is for the king or the imperial household. I like all the figures on the sofa. It is very beautiful and mysterious.
It is a painting in the museum. It is not very famous and majestic. But its color makes me interested in it. The sky’s color is beautiful and varied. The painting drew by EL Greco. Although he was not a famous painter, this painting is very famous for me. In the painting, the clouds cover the sky, the sky has different kind of colors. It is very difficult to draw as real as the real sky, but he did.
This is a effigy.It made by Balthasar Permoser. It is not a beautiful display. But l think it shows us the human's sensibility. I guess the man in the display is very painful. He was hurted by someone.
This is a building in the art museum. l have been there before. l remembered the building is from Egypt . There is a lot of displays behind it. It shows me how stately the Egypt's displays are. None knows who made it. Why is it in the most famous art museum? Because it is a logo of the Egypt.
This is a piano in the NYC art museum. It make by Bartolomeo Cristofori. I like playing the piano and enjoying visiting some old pianos. This piano is so old that I loved it when I saw it at the first time. I can read the information from the person who made it. I don’t know its name. It is a grand piano. This piano shows me the difference between new one and the old one.
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