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The purpose of art is to portray in paint form what words or actions may not be able to explain. Vincent van Gogh does an extravagant job at this whether it be a politically powered message, or a simple beautiful portrait. I feel he does an exceptional job at capturing the full vibe and emotion needed to complete his work. These painting all have their own special unique thing about them that I have come to admire along with the rest of his work.

This piece of art portrays Van Gogh's connection to nature through his work, and also his appreciation to those who handle hard labor. This is included to show Gogh's artistic style vast talent.
On this portrait Van Gogh shows the beautiful and serene image of a snowy day from an apartment room. He was very particular and visual with this picture and captures the cool emotion I envy this art.
Van Gogh uses very dark and bold colors to perfectly display this art. This painting shows a very depressing and sad vibe, and could relate to how he felt at the time. Showing his inner self here.
This painting shows the everyday evening a normal person would have at this time. Van Gogh doesn't leave anyone out or shun particular people in his work. I like the fact that he can show any side.
Just as the previous work, Van Gogh displays the life of everyday people. He seems to particularly enjoy sharing his appreciation of manual labor in his work. This work shows a voice for society.
This painting is shown as a warning in my eyes that smoking will lead to death. He obviously wanted to spread a positive message by showing the consequences of smoking. I appreciate his honesty here.
I enjoy that in some of his painting he leaves it to the viewer to determine what's going on. The woman here could be walking into a new life or exiting from a horrible one. Giving inspiration out.
It's pretty self explanatory what Van Gogh was aiming for in this painting. He simply is showing the audience the beauty of Paris via a painting. The theme and overall portrayal of beauty touches me.
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