Albrect Durer/ woodcut

My gallery is a collection of elequate woodcuts created by the German artist Albrect Durer. His techniques of shading and depth, given only by cutting the negative space in the wood is astounding. This gallery captures his skill and passion in some of the most incomprehensible art feats. 

This piece is in my gallery because of the depth Durer captured only using shading and cuts.
I chose this piece because of the style and personalities given to each person.
I chose this one because there is very little space he didn´t cut. Almost everything has been cut finely.
I chose this one because all the detail and skill went into creating the beautiful background behind the two people.
I like this one because it has a very similar to other works of the time, yet its woodcut technique is so different.
I chose this one because I am amazed at the detail and realism placed in the folds of her cloths.
I like this one because its so dynamic. It really feels like there is a lot going on in the art. It feels like its moving.
I enjoy this one because of the depth it has. And the details in the back are not less impressive than those in the front.
I like this one because it´s weird. It has christian elements with supernatural and mythological elements showing the beauty and fascination of both.
I liked this one because of the background behind the woman. It´s so intricate and complicated in its design and work.
Credits: All media
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