Imagination in the Unfinished - (jared Eslick)

This art gallery includes pieces of art done from all time periods and artists in the form of sketches. Sketches are when a person or artist create an image in a simplistic manner using quick line strokes to create a basic image which they then use as a reference for the final artwork you see in museums and other collections of art. Anything can be depicted in these pieces of art from running goats to babies with their mothers. 

Bright and vibrant colors show the basic layout of a soda bottle. Graph lines are drawn to show the symmetry of the bottle to the lettering. These lines also show the scale of the bottle is exact and not distorted in any way. Graph paper and lines are used in concepts and ideas to make sure everything is aligned in the correct manner which is why its considered a sketch.
This art piece depicts in multiple stages the thinking process of basic human traits with more detail in each drawing starting from the top left and working its way to the center of the paper. The crudely drawn lines give the sense that this piece was done in a rush. With slightly edged short lines depict the shadows on the clothing giving the sense of natural light.
Multiple faces and bodies are drawn throughout this piece. Faces of several old men and a nude lady on her side are found within the artwork. The basic shapes of the human face and body are drawn with thin and light lines to show that it was not done with effort. Scale and proportion were not taken into considering when creating this with human heads sometimes being larger then the whole body of someone next to them.
A single flourishing palm tree sits free floating in the middle of the page. To the right you can see two lines to simulate the start of a tree trunk but stopping in mid sketch. With only faint light lines it is almost invisible to the eye of the viewer. The artist wanted to express the fullness and texture of leaves themselves making them the largest most detailed portion of the piece of art.
Architecture plays a major role in this sketch. A lady sitting with a child in her lap on what looks like a chair or high rise and man holding some sort of book. Thin lines to mimic shadows and multiple strokes over a line to show quickness but keeps all the correct proportions to look appealing to the eye. Also if you look closely you can see where the artists added straight lines to make sure he kept perfect scale while drawing the architecture.
An abstract looking piece of art with very free flowing crude lines to represent the layout of a house. Spaced through out the paper it shows multiple angles or levels of the structure which makes the artwork seem larger then it actually is. The lines have been drawn over multiple times and the shapes are crooked and wavy. And with the repetition of the same shapes throughout shows the viewer it is the same structure.
A simplistic drawing of two men with their right arms raised up in unison with each other. Only rough outlines of the bodies to show the basic form of the human body. Flimsy like lines create the outlines of the people with a red circle like quote sitting on top of the man on the left.
Sitting in the middle of the frame is a man looking to the right of the paper or canvas laughing. He has large bushy hair and his teeth seem to be jagged and used. Light diagonal lines throughout are there to represent shadows from the light. There are also half circles in his hair to represent some sort of texture or volume.
Sketches for a Scroll is actually what you would think it would be a bunch of sketches of scrolls. The artist created two long scrolls. Next to those he has created these end pieces to show the different looks of the fold in the paper. The unfinished lines and light pencil marks throughout the piece represents a sketch.
In this final piece you have a man in a long red coat coat with some sort of hat on and cane. In all there are four drawings of him in this piece ranging from side views to total back shots. Some of the drawings are more detailed then others but they all show the basic outline of a human body with basic character traits and features. The proportions are also done to scale not making the body look distorted in any way. It is very appealing the eye with no harsh colors or lines.
Credits: All media
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