the austrian experience in wwi

By: Allie Rice

I found this artifact interesting because, it was on of the first documents they called it the "foundation deed". They printed this document everywhere on postcards and decorative frames and in many languages.
I found this picture interesting because this was the first field post card to be show during the war. It depicts 6 happy people who are playing cards while trying to get better. This shows how during the war loved ones could sent postcards.
I found this artifact to be interesting because after the war they tried to help people who had been injured or hurt to write. This invention was a splint that helped the hand write. this was created by professor Hans Spitzy
I found this artifact to be interesting because in the discription of the photo is talks about how childrens building blocks were not ment for fun but they were for building war plans and fortresses
I found this picture to be interesting because it shows how distructive the wartime could be and what a mess it can make. This picture also shows men at the trenches trying to relax at a picnic table
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