Paint the Town - Brandon Moore

This gallery specifically focuses on the art form, graffitti, or street art, and places you find it around the world. I chose to focus on this form of art because I find it interesting how open, diverse, and very abstract it is, and how each work can vary from a single word with a cool font to a full fledged mural on the side of a building or on the street. The images in this gallery focus on works that have a great contrast to the area surrounding it, or pieces that contribute to the overall vibe of the environment around it.

I found this image interesting because of how much the graffiti changes the environment around it. Originally, this is just a plain white building with the city behind it and a few trees, but it has been transformed into an exciting piece of art. The graffiti is also in the center of the image, drawing your eye right to it.
This picture really caught my eye because of how much the graffiti changes the overall vibe of it. The building featured looks like a fairly new building, with plenty of activity going on in and around it, in what looks like an upscale community, given the impression by the cars parked next to it. The graffiti gives the building more of an urban feel, and also makes the original bland brick wall more exciting to look at. Being that the mural is so large and would've taken a lot of time to do, the work was probably comissioned by the building owner.
The artists of this work used contrast to their greatest advantage. The neon colors against the black background really makes everything pop. There are several images featured in just this one piece, which is what leads me to believe there were multiple artists contributing to the painting.
What I loved about this image was the differences between one side of the building compared to the other, reminding me of yin and yang. Just walking by, you'd see one side saying peace, and then turn the corner and see something that completely changes the vibe of the graffiti, it also greatly changes the appearance of the outside of the building to due its dark nature contrasted by the bright colors used to paint on it.
I just overall really enjoyed this image. Just imagine how benevolent and beautiful this place was years ago. A place that was once so grand has been abandoned and the area around it is just as lifeless. The graffiti has almost given it a new life, transforming it again into a piece of art.
This image is very fun to look at. The painting is featured in front of a clear light blue sky, and the water in the painting really blends well with its background and the color of the boat and fox is pleasingly contrasting. Also, the crane in the background contrasts the image because it doesn't necessarily fit the theme of the painting. Without this painting, there would just be a big white rectangle in front of a blue sky, but the painting gives a whole new exciting vibe to the environment.
I chose this example because this photograph was much different than the others, street art is usually found in either urban or congested areas, or abandoned areas, but this building strikes me as something different, like maybe a church, or even an art gallery. The building is by itself with simple but unique architecture, and the graffiti on the front really pops due to the contrast between the blue paint and white building. It almost looks like text, and gives the building a whole new feel compared to if it was all just its natural off white color.
I felt that this photo was the best fit to my theme of this gallery. Without the the graffiti painted on the wall, this image would only feature an abandoned building with a beat up town around it, but the addition of the graffiti adds so much life and vibrance. It's a great contrast between the rundown city behind it and the happy, cute theme of the painting. This is the reason I originally chose street art, because of how greatly it can change its surroundings.
I love how much the Graffiti really stood out and popped in this photograph. All of the walls, floors, and everything else is white, and the bright colors of the paint used jump out at you and immediately catch your eye, almost like you can't even focus on anything else. Without the graffiti in this image, the space used would be clean and calm, but the graffiti adds a whole new dimension to it, bringing life and making it look like a creative urban environment.
The graffiti in this image is not only the centerpiece of the image, but a big feature in the town around it. The image shows what looks like an older city that looks somewhat rundown and congested. The graffiti transforms it from a rundown, unpleasant-to-look-at area, to a vibrant, beautiful canvas.
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