It has been said the beauty is in the eye of the beholder because what one can find beautiful another can find to be plain. I feel the same can be said for art it is all a matter of opinion.  

Paul Gauguin,1891 in the style of cloisonnism, oil on canvas, dimensions are 70 x46 cm. After he painted this he said " she was not pretty according to European standards but she was beautiful."
This portrait was done in 1862, oil on canvas its dimensions are 42.9 x 43.8 cm. This is said to be Manets' first portrait of victorine. This portrait is to me shows that plain can be beautiful.
Painted by American painter Sargent in 1883, oil on canvas, its dimensions are 31.8 x 40.6 cm style is realism. A social butterfly only seen for her beauty.
artist: Frida Kahlo date: 1932 style: surrealism dimensions:30.5 x 38 cm oil on canvas After multiple surgeries Kahlo felt the doctors took everything from her but they couldn't take away her beauty.
artist; Mary Cassatt date: 1880 style: impressionism technique: self portrait done on watercolor paper. mostly painted women and their eveyrday lives and the bond between a mother and child.
artist: Vincent Van Gogh date: 1889 style: post-impressionism dimensions: 57 x 43.5 technique: oil on canvas painted after he left the asylum his self portaits were a way to show his mental decline.
artist: Paul Cezanne date: 1887 style: post-impressionism dimensions: 62 x 51 technique: oil on canvas posing for many of his portraits she went from being his mistress to his wife.
artist: Paul Cezanne date: 1894 style: Post-impressionism dimensions: 61 x 50 technique: oil on canvas depicting hisself in his old life he shows that like art beauty is forever.
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