Color for our lives

In this gallery I will briefly explain how some of these paintings can give off certain feelings and tell a story through color.

In this painting we can appreciate the value of the colors used. The warm sensation produced by this painting gives a feeling of security and peace.
The colors in this painting make it seem like an epic journey is happening or maybe even that there is a huge peace in this sunset.The use of warm colors and great use of shades and lighting are great
The Light colors and use of light in this painting give me a feeling of relaxation and it also gives the nature a more realistic look.
In this painting the use of complementary color scheme between the blue and yellow allows the flowers to be highlighted making them be the center of attention.
In this painting the artist decided to use a monochromatic color scheme and the same color is being used throughout the whole painting allowing us to focus on the boats and the men in them.
In this painting the artist used analogous colors. All of the shades and tones of red, orange, and yellow are being used together to create a peaceful scenery which is soothing for the viewer.
This painting gives off a warm sensation but could also be taken as a very hot and hard working environment. The wheat under the workers allow us to move upward and look at each person carefully.
This painting gives me the feeling of mystery and peace at the same time. The use of these blueish colors and the lighting allows me to get that sensation. I could also say that the ocean seems more powerful
This painting is refreshing for the eye due to the colors used. Several tones of green and a great use of light allows us to feel the freshness in the air of the environment painted.
The very calm and light colors used in some trees and the snow give us a calm yet cold sensation, but the dark colors used for the other trees and some rocks could suggest an intimidating environment.
This painting drew me in and made me feel all of the nature in it. I could say that its due to the shading and the colors, since they are rich and represent nature at its best.
The colors used in this painting give off a feeling of a calm and chilly night and it could even be telling us that the building in the center of the painting could be source of safety and warmth, almost like a gathering place.
The multitude of colors in this painting give it a feeling of joy and not only that but it makes you want to dive in and be there in that environment. The colors and use of light make it feel fresh.
The use of color in this painting is magnificent. Both dark and light colors help create a balance here between life and death. I say this because there is destruction in the scene but also safety.
This painting uses color in a great way by not only representing beauty and life with the greens and light colors in the plants but it also represents death with the use of dark/grayish colors on the Ophelia and the, what seems to be, murky water.
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