Santi´s Gallery

This gallery has beautiful art, and it doesn't matter that they don't look alike, that doesn't bother me. It has the things that I love such as nature, sports, imagination and religion. 

When I see this painting I immediately think about when my Dad and I went to the states years ago and saw a similar painting and he talked about his adventures with my grandpa. What I like about his painting is that it looks so realistic, and how great the horse and the zebra look.
I love soccer, this sport is my life, whether I see it on TV, or in the stadium, playing it in a video game or in real life. This is my passion
I live in front of the beach, and I go there to take a swim twice a month, and if I see something like this painting I feel homesick, because I feel so small when I see hoe big the ocean is.
When I visited Italy i saw the Last Judgment by Michaelangelo,and I looked for that painting in this website, but I came across with the computer version and I completely loved it.
Everytime I go to Mexico City, my family and I go take a walk in Alameda, and when I saw this piece of art got me thinking how much we are screwing nature up and when I grow up I wont do the things that people are doing right now.
To be honest I don't know that much of this painting, it looks like our planet, and it made me realize how small our problems are when we see them from space or Google Earth.
Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists, and I believe that I have to honor him for inspiring me in life with a photo of his face.
When I see this painting I immediately think of War, nobody is outside and its so dull, I believe that war is unnecessary and people should settle their differences by speaking, not by sending people that they don't know to kill each other.
I believe that when I die, life wont be over I think that we will go to a better place, and it's not heaven, we will go to the paradise, where we can be relaxed and wait there until God needs us.
This piece of art makes a clear point on what I believe in, I don't think that going to church or to Sunday school will make God love you. Because God doesn't have a physical form, God made us and he will love us for eternity.
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