Is the color blue really blue?

To be blue is often to be depressed. That's a heavy rap for such a popular color.

Blue smoke from the guns and cannons hangs heavy in the air giving a somber feel to the battle scene.
Blues highlight the mourners clothing at this heavily emotional scene.
The title says it all. How depressing.
Buildings are soft blue shadows in the early morning light of a new day.
Blue adds softness to the shadows of an early morning light.
Blue is the color of the sky above and the water around us.
And who doesn't like being out on a sunny, blue sky day?
Blue skies and clam blue sea add to the peacefulness of this beach scene.
Blue is one of the many colors found in the beauty of nature.
Blue is a natural pigment that was inexpensive and so was often used by many artists to express themselves.
Blue is a common favorite for clothing like blue jeans and denim jackets.
Blue is noble color. It is often used for royalties and distinguished people. For the madonna it also has a meaning of purity and virtue.
Blue is a fun color as seen here in this dance scene.
Again blue smoke is highlighted in this picture. Not of a battle, but this time it is during a quiet evening of entertainment playing cards.
Blue belongs to the night ... to the peace and quiet of a sleepy little village in a valley.
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