Roman Military

                                     Mike, Wayne, Nkenna, Jerry, (Sam?)                                           Rome was one of the most famous empire in the history. They were remembered for all the wonders they have achieved. One most famous feature of the Romans was their military. The romans had their unique way of fighting, with special equipment, and their special organization. They had a very strong military that is basically the most important reason why they remained strong. This presentation will be covering the military about the romans.

This is the bronze statuette of a soldier, a legionary. It s a Roman soldier wearing armor and all over his body as well as a helmet on top of his head. It shows heavy protection of the soldier it shows how they are strong and impenetrable. It is from a British museum, which shows it is from Roman Britain. It symbolizes their use of bronze as armor and their power and how they are hard to conquer but strong and steady.
This is bronze figure of Horus, a military leader, in the Roman military costume. He is holding a spear weapon and wearing a armor underneath which are all made from bronze. He is wearing boots and not wearing any cloth which shows ideal physique as well. It is from British museum and it is therefore from Roman Britain. It reviewed the strength and weapon of Roman soldiers back then.
It is a scabbard. This scabbard belongs to the Roman emperor Tiberius. It is to present his recent victories to his stepfather,Augustus. It is created around 15 AD.
This picture is showing a part of an armour. This armour belongs to a Roman cavalry. There is a goddess,Minerva, with a helmet on the armour. It is made around 5 B.C.
This is a roman helmet it is an important piece of armoury because you use it to protect your head. This helmet is made out of bronze, a strong material for the types of weapons they were using. This shows that the Roman military was more advanced then any other people in the surrounding areas.
This is an iron sword from the Roman iron age, this weapons shows the more advanced military of the Romans. Like the bronze helmet this sword is made of strong material, but it is stronger than the bronze helmet, allowing Romans to be able to conquer other people with bronze equipment.
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