Egyptian Art

By: Jamielynn Oliver

This piece is a statue of a tomb's coffin. The artists job was to make the statue or coffin to look like the person. Lady of the house- was a customary design for married women.
The name of this is The Young King Amen-em-hat. Artist did their best to represent their kings to look like gods. It was made in 1839 B.C. This piece could possibly be one of the fist portraits.
Graves were often decorated with deceased favorite things. Egyptians thought that the spirit would be happy in the tomb. The spirit would then move on into the afterlife. This cup was made in 1 A.D.
Most of these necklaces were made of ivory, bone, gold and silver. They were given to Egyptian royalty. Also were given to vassal kings. These necklaces would probably be put in a tomb of pharaoh
This glass may have held perfume. The design on the glass may be the story of the god Hours. Artists took bright glass and covered it with white glass. This was made in 25 B.C.
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