The outsiders

This collection is about the people in the pieces where their bodies are present in the paint but their minds seem to be fair away from the commotion around them. These characters are oblivious to the action around them, and even with the high stakes action they seem to careless and they have their own agenda.  

All eyes on Mose, but the the woman in a blue dress breast feeding a baby on the right corner of the image. The lady seems distressed and annoyed that all this people are disrupting the babies feeding time.
What could be more interesting than a parade of black hooded people caring Jesus around? How about looking straight at you hoping a hand fan? She is judging you as you try to admire the piece. However all that you can look is her.
A girl has been working in the fire for a while she is tired and dirty. Everybody still working, she noticed you the viewer, you feel sorry for her, but all that she wants is for you to believe that she is just as a hard worker than the people around her.
Everybody is holding a weapon, a music instrument or a paper or is crying or is pointing at things. Everybody but one older men on the bottom of the painting that is looking at all of that and wondering how he got stuck under all of this mess.
What a party even the animals seem to be enjoying it. One person all the way in the background is either late to the party or decided that a monkey on a chain was too much. The interesting about the person in the background is that he is blending with the background indicating maybe that he is the reason for the party, a ghost that his death is now being celebrated.
Yes we have a coffin in the boat, they are all mourning. The boy in the center seems to be the most sad however, holding to his last gift to whoever is in the coffin. The bright day, the company to the others, also mourning, doesn't seem like is helping.
The party can't interrupt our staring contest. The people in disguises running towards the boy and the man doesn't seem as important. Even the past out drunken held by another masqueraded person or the man walking towards the crowd can distract whatever is going on between the boy and the man.
The boat has to go through the dunes, but thats not a problem a group of men is on the job. Two men however seem to be focus on the important thing that is behind them. One is yelling and the other looks concern with a shovel in his hands.
Everybody on board, the sea looks rough the wind is blowing, lots of other boats to keep us company. Everybody is going, that's all but a lady standing on the rocks, other people around her to be trying to convince her to come on board.
The city is busy, people horses everywhere. Everyone is so busy that they are not noticing the girl selling flowers. Everything is so gloomy that is surprising that no one is paying attention to the only colorful thing in the scene.
Credits: All media
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