Sculpture Heads

Organized as a Value Scale

A sculpture made of marble.
Made of marble.
A marble sculpture.
Marble sculpture.
Marble sculpture
A religious, marble sculpture.
Stucco with red and black pigments.
A medallion portrait made of alabaster.
Made of limestone.
Polychrome stucco
Made of sandstone
It's a portrait of a young woman, but the medium is unknown.
Made of stone.
A terracotta sculpture
An Egyptian statue made of red quartzite
This mask is made of Papier-Mâché, coral, metal and fabric.
A representation of the Roman Victoria.
Chased bronze is the medium.
Made of both bronze and gold.
A type of cast plaster that has been painted.
A bronze sculpture.
A Japanese sculpture with an unknown medium.
Made of tin.
Used a bronze technique.
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