Interesting busts from history

Busts that I have found to be interesting for one reason or another.

This is a Bust of Benjamin Franklin. I always found Benjamin Franklin to be an interesting person of America's History. This fits my Theme because it is an interesting historical Bust.
This is a Bust of Marie-Sebastien-Charles-Francois Fontaine De Bire. He has this bust made for himself to celebrate his new appointed position as Treasurer under Louis XVI. He looks Like B. Franklin
This is a Bust of Rosa Trivulzio Poldi Pezzoli. She was the mother to Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli who was an art Collector who started his own museum. Her face looks like a young Benjamin Franklin.
This is a Bust of Giuseppe Balsamo, Comte Di Cagliostro. A deceitful man who used his skills as a alchemist and mesmerizer to Rob Europe. I like this bust. It goes out of its way not to be perfect
This bust is of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon was a french military commander. I like this Bust because it is contrary to the stereotypical image when I think of Napoleon. The Bird is quite egotistical
This is a bust of Bacchante. There is no information on the Sitter that I could find. I like this Bust because the Hair and the edgets of the sculpture add a mythical feel to the entire piece.
This is a Bust of John Paul Jones. John was a Navy man who fought in the American revolutionary war. The thing that drew me into this piece were the way the eyes look.
This is a Bust of an American Indian. I could not find specific information on the sitter. I do Like how the sculptor, Henry Brown, was able to capture the strong American Indian jawline.
This is a Bust of a woman. I was not able to find information on who the woman is. I chose this Bust because of the authors last name and it's relation to the subject. I like the lack of detailed hair
This is a bust of L. Licinivs Nepos. Nepos was a Builder. He built his own tomb and had this bust placed there. Before I read about the busts purpose, I thought the eyes of the piece looks very dead.
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