Drypoint and Engraving: Detailed, careful lines constructing human forms, sense of space with people further away appearing higher up. There is emphasis on the main figure on the cross, as well as repetition with the crosses and the other figures.
Oil Painting: Dull colors are used in the background in order to provide contrast which emphasizes the figures in the center of the painting. Organic lines are used to portray the trees in the background.
Engraving: Contour lines used on detailed and complex human forms. Texture is utilized in all areas, specifically on the human figures, the animals' fur, and the plant life. The humans are proportionally accurate and there is a sense of unity uniting the humans, the animals, and the plant life.
Oil painting: has baby
etching and aquatint: Very detailed texture on the woodwork of the boat, geometric, structured linework also on the boat. There is emphasis on the man and the boat, and the water has implied lazy movement.
Oil painting: Very detailed texture on the water and the boat, sense of space achieved with faded, unfocused objects in the background. The water is implied to be violently moving and, though chaotic, the scene is tied together with a sense of unity.
drypoint on paper: increasingly detailed lines construct the contour lines of a girl, texture is minimal but shown in her hair and on the bedpost. There is emphasis on the girl and balanced is achieved through her being in the center of the print
Oil painting: Linear point perspective lines for the road, gestural organic brushstrokes give texture to plant life. There is emphasis on the woman and her children, and one child is implied to be actively moving.
Woodcut: Strong, contorting shape composing essentially the entire image. Color consists of only pure black, gray, and lighter gray. Movement is implied with what I think is supposed to be rain. Emphasis is placed on the only two figures pictured.
Oil Painting: Vibrant color is used everywhere, specifically in the sky, water, and land in the background. Linear point lines are used to construct the walkway. Emphasis is placed on the figure in the middle of the painting, and balance is achieved through the left, right, and center areas of the background all having unique visuals.
etching, burnished aquatint, engraving, drypoint on paper: Detailed contour lines, texture achieved specifically on the wrinkles of the clothing. Asymmetrical balance is achieved through the placement of the two figures and movement is implied.
Oil painting: Dull, washed out colors cover the entire scene, only becoming remotely bright on important figures. Space is achieved by presenting the crowd as unrecognizable blobs. Asymmetrical balance is shown through a large group of people on one side and a large bull on the other. Emphasis is placed on the bull and the aforementioned important figures in brighter colors.
Credits: All media
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