This gallery shows women's beauty in the physical form, how they dress and and how their beauty is reflected in their environment.

this is a photo of a Korean women looking beautiful on her nice orange dress. this photo was chosen for this women looking beautiful in this specific dress. Her orange dress catch my eyes in the first place and is the most visual element in this photo.
This photo is looking great with the day light. It was chosen because of different color present in the photo. The slim women at the center looking beautiful in her dress is center of attention.
It seems like she originated from bourgeois family in this portrait. she is looking great in her jacket and everything else. What she is wearing first got my eyes and makes her look pretty.
She is looking happy, not fully cover and wearing a colorful wristband and neckless. She is simply beautiful with her smile. Colorful wristband and neckless are major difference in the painting.
Two young girls having a conversation with coffee on the side. They both wearing colorful dresses, and the blond hair seems to have a remote control. color appear everywhere and makes painting pretty.
She is leaning on the grass, her hand supporting her head. She is surrounded with a lot of green and a look of wondering. Her green environment is very catching, she is center of attention.
They're nicely dress in a winter environment, and are from modern era. They are dress with modern clothes in a cold winter. The one in min red dress makes the painting more brighter.
She seems to enjoy herself in the middle of a beautiful nature. She is surrounded with nature and having fun. Her yellow dress and other colors than green make the different in this painting.
The photo is very bright and all the color makes it pretty. A nice sun light, colorful dress and nature just make her brighter. She is the very first thing to see in this photo with a nice sun set.
She is skating in a very icy condition and everything just look breathtaking. A lot of ice around her makes believe is very cold. She is center of attention in purple dress, moving with fitness.
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