Elements of art

Madison Morgan Art III

Space. I think this piece is visually appealing since it seems to be balanced out. I also picked this since we have been working on still life for majority of this class so far.
I picked this picture out for line because the use of the lines and movement in this artwork causes my eyes to move in every direction. I also like the fact that it is not in the center of the page.
This is one of my favorite pieces, and I enjoyed reading about it in the description. I love the use of the monochromatic colors, and the deeps blues and cool colors cause me to feel relaxed and calm.
When I think about form I associate that with 3D objects; and I love seeing movement and shape as well.
I loved the values in this piece, a wonderful ratio of light to dark colors throughout
Texture, it looks very gritty to me and zooming in gives you an even closer look at the detail and technique!
Shape for sure, I absolutely love this, and he also had a very good use of texture and line
Credits: All media
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