Franky's Gallery Art Appreciation 

AR 290 TR 10:50-12:05

TitIe: Atlanta 1896-1996 Artist:Micheal Delacroix Medium: Printing I liked this piece of work because of the Print making we had to took a long time i could only imagine how long this style of printing would take. Also how would they get different colors of print amazes me.
TitIe: Pundasyon Artist:Gerilya Medium: Pillars under a freeway;stone This was my favorite piece of art it reminds me of my father that being just the Indian aspect even though it is Filipino I get the american indians from it. Also it looks like this piece of work could belong in Los Angeles where my father is originally from.
TitIe:The Freedman Artist:John Quincy Adams Medium: Bronze Gold The Freedman made me thing of The Thinker sculpture and this is because of the posture they're both sitting in,but maybe the Freedman has a narrow thought of what he's thinking about such as what he should do with his freedom.
TitIe:Ivory Frigate,Carried by Neptune Artist:Jan Zeller Medium:Gold Although the piece of art is of Neptune holding the Ivory Frigate, I found this sculpture appealing because what I see is the price of this sculpture being a lot because it is gold but the amount of time it would take to sculpt this definition into gold would take countless hours. which would add a lot of money to it.
TitIe:Head Artist:Unknown Medium:Gold This piece of work looks very old and seems like it could be more expensive because of this. I would like to see how much people would pay for this piece of ancient art,
TitIe:Jason with the Golden Fleece Artist:Bertel Thorvaldsen Medium:Marble I chose this piece of work because the sculpture seems masculine and i say this because the Bertel made him named and instead of covering his body with the golden fleece and just holding it to show strength.
TitIe:Puppy Artist:Jeff Koons Medium:Stone and Flower I chose this sculpture because it stand 12 meters high and was just a public art project. and in picture it kind of brightened my day i would love to see how it would brighten my day in person.
TitIe:Equestrian statue of Louis XIV transformed into Marcus Curtius Artist:Francois Girardon and Bernini said Le Bernin Medium: Model The marble statue is great just in picture this would be a sculpture i would want to see in person. The way it is transformed into a different rider shocks me.
TitIe:The Thinker Artist:Auguste Rodin Medium: Marble Mybfavorite pieces of art work being sculptures so and i chose this sculpture because the thinker always makes me feel like i need to think twice about somethings I do.
TitIe:Baptism of Christ Artist:Verrochio/Leonardo da Vinci Medium: Oil Painting My favorite pieces of art work are anything that has to do with Jesus or the Virgin Mary. I say this because I am Catholic and Leonardo da Vinci has some of the best work of these pieces of art.
TitIe:Mounted Warrior Artist:Leonardo da Vinci Medium: Sculpture I chose this piece of art by the great detail and definition the sculpture has and i like how the hind legs of the horse just seems like the horse is ready to explode out and make the rider fall
TitIe:Self-Portrait Artist:Vincent Van Gogh Medium: Oil paint I chose this painting because him being my favorite artist gives the feeling in this portrait that it might actually be a self portrait of him maybe feeling sad while painting this because of some specific reason.
TitIe:The Bedroom Artist:Vincent Van Gogh Medium: Oil Painting I chose this painting because he is my favorite artist. The painting however was appealing to me by the way the room curves up to the top left of the painting.
TitIe:Painted Enamel Footed Beaker Artist:Anton Kothgasser Medium: Gold I chose this piece of work because my favorite style of art is sculpture. My favorite piece of stone is gold and this happens to have both.
TitIe:Street Art NYC Artist:Nicholai Khan Medium: Wall in New York City I liked this piece of art work not only cause it represents Travon Martin but the way pieces of the wall were not even and yet the artist was still able to make the artwork seem like it was leveled.
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