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photos of women by women

This photograph is of Hildegard Rosenthal by Hildegard Rosenthal. She is seen looking at some photographs under a light, which I assume is used for professional photography. This is a simple candid of the artist in her space. She chose black and white as the color of her photographs.
Graciela Iturbide took this in 1989. She captures a woman, who I presume is nude below the chest. But she doesn't reveal the whole picture. Graciela cuts off her elbows, which to me makes the photo asymmetrical and distracting. The focus should be on the dead baby bird over her eyes.
In this black and white photo Graciela captures a Mexican woman starring at the “Desierto de Sonora” (The Desert of Sonora). This woman is also holding a boom box, but I’m not sure why. I really like how the photo makes the woman seem bigger and stronger than the desert of Sonora.
Desire took a photo of four African American women standing in a field during a nice sunny day. Most of them are squinting or putting their head down slightly because she had them facing the sun. Her lens blurs the background around the women, making them the focus. Since it was taken in 1863; the texture is grainy, and it is not 100% balanced.
In this photograph by Graciela, there is a woman playing an old organ. Since the title of the photo is “ Cementerio….” I can assume that she is playing funeral music. The lighting is perfect, making everything in this photograph valuable to the eye. The emphasis of this photograph is the woman playing the organ.
This photo shows a woman with short hair holding a fish over her mouth. The woman has the most value in this picture, because the focus is on her and also she has more light than the background. The background is a landscape of the desert, which adds a sense of depth to the photo.
This photo is a simple black and white candid of a group of women. They seem to be in a musical group, or part of a gang. One thing I noticed upfront is that the photo is not balanced. The girl in the middle is the focus of the photo.
I know my theme is about photos of women by women, but this photograph caught me by surprise. I originally thought it was a picture of a little Mexican girl. But then as I read the description I learned that the child’s name is Angelito. He has long dark hair, and is wearing a dress with angel wings on his back. The photo is in black and white.
This photograph is odd because the title says “First Communion”, but then there is a little girl with a skull mask on looking evil right. Behind her is a group of people, a stone entrance, and then the landscape. Her white dress, and the sky have the most light value.
In this photo Graciela captures an older Mexican with a knife in her mouth. This shows the woman is working hard. To me it looks like she might be preparing dinner for her family, by chopping the head off of chicken or some sort of meat. The blood on her pants is evidence for my claim.
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