Individual vs. Society

There is no denying that sometimes the relation between individuals and society is really simple. Some people may hold it that individuals, especially outstanding ones, can change the society and history by themselves. And some other people might think that individuals are too weak to disobey society.In the history of human being, the relationship between individual and society is rather complicated but we may acquire a few reflections on that theme through reading and appreciating classic and timeless works.

ndividuals are too weak to disobey society.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh and Enkidu slaied Humbaba with the help of Shamash. One man(though Gilgamesh is half God) may be limited but he can still do something great for the society.
In history, Iran was conquerd by Alexander the Great, which is also mentioned in the book "The CompletePersepolis" as the author's father told her about it.One conqueror can change the whole society.
Doctor Freud introduced the psycho analysis to the world, which blew everyone's mind at that time. Not only did he change the psychology as an individual, but also almost changed the whole society.
Freud interprets the vase as female's womb in his lectures. Interpretations like this show his argument that we human beings and the development of society are driven by the force of sex.
Socrates was sentenced to death because of his opinions. Sometimes, only time will the right from wrong, but individuals are always weak against the whole society before it realize the right thing.
Holy Bible was edited and conpiled by many scholars. They may be individuals, but through the Bible they compiled, they in a way changed the society. I think from that perspecttive, this fit the theme
This piece fits the theme for Taoists can change the society without conflicts but by living in peace to people, just as TaoDeChing says"the master is available to all people and doesn't reject anyone".
Jesus Christ might be only an individual when he was spreading Christianity, but he changed the society with his belief."This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which is poured out for you" That is the reason why I think this piece fits the theme.
I think this piece fits the theme, because the authors of Koran are individuals, but what they wrote down changed the society.However, to some degree, what they wrote down were what the society wanted or required.
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