Musical Definitions

This gallery is a representation of how musical instruments can determine body posture and how they can have an effect on a persons mood or "feel", in groups or solo. Seen in Ink, Oil, Paint mediums. 

This is an Ink drawing depicting four musicians playing their respective instruments. The lines and shapes reflect my theme by showing how each character is positioned and the lines define them.
This image depicts three women and a esraj lying near each other in a room. This image contains shape and great line contour that help define the positions of the women.
This painting shows a man playing a bagpipe. There aren't many hard defining lines, but the positioning of the man helps show good shapes, also the way he is leaning in and how his clothes drape.
This piece shows a man playing a wind instrument with two other instruments on the wall. My theme is shown through how the man is sitting due to instrument he is playing. There are smooth textures.
This image is a group of women playing various instruments. My theme is shown through the mood on their faces. The lines are smooth. There is a serous vibe between the women.
This image shows a man playing a stringed instrument. His mood seems uneasy and almost as if he doesn't want to play. As if he is being forced. Positioning is soft just as the lines in the image
This image shows a man playing a woodwind instrument. The focal point is made clear by the shrouding of the background. His positioning is very formal. The lines are not very defined yet still clear.
Several men and women playing various instruments. percussions, keyboards, etc. Some characters are leaning forward, some in relaxed positions. The lines are light/smooth yet defined. positive vibe.
This image is a man silhouette of him playing an instrument. The image is abstract and colorful. The image shows how depending upon the instrument a person can have varying positioning.
This image shows a woman draped over a harp instrument sitting on a hill. The mood in this image is almost dark, or low tone. the brighter colors contrast well with the shading on the sides.
Credits: All media
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