1. In the painting there are five people around a table. By the name of the painting i would assume that they are eating potatoes and they are also drinking tea. 2. Impressionism because of the dabs and strokes the picture is created from. 3. I chose the painting because it had a strange name.I also like it because i like potatoes as well.
1. The picture shows several naked men diving and swimming in a river. 2. I know this is realism because the painting is very realistic because of how the artist shows different movements of the bodies. 3. I chose this painting because i saw naked people and it was different from the rest of the paintings i saw. I am not attracted to naked men so dont think that please. I like that the picture is actually realistic rather than just dabs and strokes.
1. This picture is showing waves crashing against a lighthouse. There is also a storm in the backround. 2. I know this is romantic because the picture is focusing on nature rather than the lighthouse itself. 3.I chose this painting because i like the color.I think the blue is nice and it is one of my favorite colors.
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