Design Principle: Pattern

Visual rhythms that grab the attention.

The continuous lines in the panels create a pattern that shows continuity among the panels. The organized pattern helps serve to create a free form image using color.
Using geometric shapes to create flower-like motifs in the center. A geometric outline also occurs in pattern to serve as a border.
Each pillar represents a different pattern to develop more contrast against the dark underside of the building. Each pattern is different from the next but still utilizes geometric shapes in succession.
The entire piece consists of the same running man motif placed together in a fashion to create kaleidoscope patterns. The simplicity is very complex.
This piece shows a chaotic pattern of color on the "petals" and towards the center shows more distinct patterned flower motifs.
This picture utilizes contrasting geometric motifs in one large square to mirror a quilt image.
This image shows a randomized grouping of similar oval shapes. The are random but organized in a way that shows pattern.
This image shows a tower of Oscars laid in a pattern. Intermittently throughout we see actual faces disrupting the continuity of the pattern but only at the microscopic level. The devil is in the details.
This intricate glass piece is wrought with many patterns created throughout the image that come together in a circular pattern until it reaches the center. The smaller patterns in conjunction with larger make more patterns.
This image clearly shows the many different gender relationships in between groups of men and women. Each motif in the pattern is represented by a different combo of one man/many women or vice versa.
Credits: All media
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