Perspective from worms to birds

Using a bird eye view and a forced perspective the artist is able to create a rolling landscape. Also using black to create lines to draw the eye into the horizon line.
Using a simple one point perspective even artists in 1818 where able to create impressive drawings and paintings.
Using perspectives and simple lines mixed with more elaborate structures, architects are able to create life like buildings.
I added this piece to my gallery for it demonstrates how a proper sense of perspective can create a masterpiece out of any drawing no matter the skill
In 1663 an unknown artist use perspective to warp and distort the view of his painting, truly a master of perspective
Much like other very famous pieces after it Giovanni Battista created a perspective piece based off manipulating your view of direction years before others, well done Giovanni
This more than just simple perspective the intense level of detail and artistic prowess is why i chose this one. it truly is a remarkable piece
6 point perspective, the hardest piece of perspective to truly have an eye for, one of the most difficult things to pull off and Zu pulled it off magnificently
Using proper perspective and forced perspective the artist makes it seem as if the art is hopping of the pages. Plus the level of detail in the texture only adds to the piece
The organic shapes in this perspective piece are truly magnificent to bring a lifelike naturalistic shape into a forced perspective
Another piece that warps the the canvas into looking as if the piece is three dimensional, both impressive and hard to pull off. Plus the lighting and shading work are phenomenal.
I chose this cause of its 6 point perspective and its abstractness, it keeps a gorgeous flow and has shape even though its been stylized to get a point across
probably my favorite piece, my love for 6 point perspective continues on but the colors and the scenery are spot on, especially the warping feel you get from the checkerboard
Perspective and realism taken to the next level, Johannes Bosboom takes those to an extreme with this piece.
Using perspective and invisible lines the artist draws your eye in, The gritty style of this piece also adds to the feel its giving
I chose this piece based not on its perspective attributes but the feeling I get from it, the boy in the center and the darker room behind the child give me a feeling of almost terror
Credits: All media
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