The Colorful Mind Change- Fredtricia Opah

The gallery shows representation of Religion with a variety of colors..

The Fall of the Rebel Angels came from the bible. Its about how an angel made with so much beauty started to think proud overruling thoughts of himself and God got tired of it so he kicked him out of heaven and sent him to earth.The color in this painting leads you to see many different areas.
Adam and Eve a biblical story of how they were the down fall of men by eating an apple from the tree of life. This painting Uses bright colors but my Mind can't help but to focus on the blotches of yellow people that are suppose to represent Adam and Eve.
David and Goliath. This story is about David, no one believed that he could do much because he was the youngest one and he was a sheep herder. The painting has little color but it stands out, the red and gold colors brings the perfect combination to show the main people in this painting
Daniel in the Lions Den this biblical story about a man who refused to listen to the king when they ordered everyone to stop praying so they threw him in the lions den. This painting does not have a variety of bright colors but the red blanket Daniel is sitting on but I think it's better that way because the main focus is the lion and Daniel.
The adoration of shepherds is about the story of the shepherds that went to go visit baby jesus after the angels came to them and told them about it. I love how the painter made the clothes a really bright color. Sometimes when painters paint a picture like this, it's hard trying to figure the people out because they blend into the background.
The adoration of the Magi a biblical story about a guy who wanted to be there when Jesus was born. I love how this image has a variety of colors. usually I see people with earth tone colored clothes which makes it harder for the people to stand out.
The nativity is about the birth of Jesus. The prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel who recorded some of Jesus's journey. I love how the variety colors make the people stand out and lets the viewer know its about them.
The Alba Madonna is basically Mary and Jesus with one of his sibling sitting in a field. The colors in this makes a painter focus more on Mary because the vibrant color of her clothes.
Mary Magdalene learned a lot from Jesus when the time came for Jesus to get crucified Mary was there hoping for a better turn out for Jesus but that did not happen. The colors stand out on Mary because this painting is about her mainly and how she was there for Jesus.
The small crucifixion is about the biblical story of Jesus's death and the people who loved him are the ones that surrounded him. The colors once again show that this painting is about the people. It has a dark background maybe for showing the sadness but I would love to see one where the background is a lighter color.
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