Jacob Lemley: Freedom of myths

Freedom to have any mythical things to show people how I see mythology creatures from stories told. When people see the gallery they will be seeing creatures from mythology and will provide artists that create them artistically from with their freedom. I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery and that you will have a free mind while looking and enjoying the gallery.

This piece of art shows Thor resting his hammer on a rock. This shows how free he is from action and battles he may have been doing and he just needs some rest.
The statue is with Jason holding the golden fleece as a reward. The golden fleece usually protected by a dragon. Jason looks like he defeated the dragon by how he is standing and by holding the fleece.
Diana is with Apollo on a hunt. Apollo with his bow pulled back aimed he seems to see an animal that will be part of the deer by him that Diana is happily sitting on for Apollos company.
The statue is Hercules killing a mythical beast. The statue has give great detail on Hercules muscles showing how strong and violent he is towards his prey showing us that it has no match for Hercules.
The picture provides freedom with the space in the picture. The many people in the picture are having a sacrifice with angels in the sky.
Hercules fighting off the hydra naked showing freedom where he fights. He shows strength and not afraid of fighting without any armor on.
This picture shows tragedy and loss. The Israelites crossing the red sea is a good vent through history. It has the dark tint with the brown as dirt and musty.
This picture shows a Minotaur. A Minotaur is a half man and half bull its a well known beast in mythology. The Minotaur is looking out towards the sun light like its looking for something like freedom.
The picture shows Samson with his hair but being held down to cut it off so he will lose strength. It shows dark and pain from Samson being held down with ropes.
In this picture you see someone being abducted on a horse. It shows the expression that they are giving with great detail and emotion. The guy riding the horse seems to be proud and is determined to take her to the destination.
Credits: All media
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