Religion from a Different perspective

One of the most famous masterpieces of the renaissance depicts the Virgin Mary holding Christ in the heavens.
in this version of Pieta the virgin Mary hold the dead Christ in her arms the background of this painting a mountain alludes to the cave, in which Christ was buried.
in this work an angel is depicted giving the virgin Mary news that she will soon have the son of God. examples of foreshortening can be found and one can see the changes in the landscape
This alter piece shows Mary surrounded with angels. done by Botticelli this painting has a religious topic due to the established theocracy in Florence at the time
depicting mary and christ being venterated this painting done by tintoretto using a vex of light to creates an effect on the painting for the viewer
depicted the resurected Christ this painting shows the mystery that Christ is fully man and God. his wounds from his crucifixtion are slightly visible and his raised hand confirms the miracle.
this painting depicts christ being condemmed to death by Pontius Pilate. shown with dramatic lighting this painting provokes pity
this painting depicts christ child being worshiped by the magi
Done by Giotto who painted religious subjects. This work illustrates Mary surrounded by numerous holy people. it features halos aroudn their heads a common symbol in middle age artwork
here we see abraham about to kill his son issac, his only child. with dark shadows caravaggio creates a gloomy landscape
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