Creatures of religion by: JAmes hancock

Artistic pieces created from prospective of history, mythology and religion.

This picture depicts Jesus being tempted by the devil. In this picture Satan has brought Jesus to the top of a mountain. He tries to tempt Jesus to jump off of the mountain.
This is the birth of Jesus. In the piece we can see Mary holding baby Jesus as the three wise men look on in amazement, worship and respect.
David holding the head of the giant Goliath. in the painting we see him holding a sword but Goliath was actually killed with a slingshot and a stone. David goes on to become King of Israel
This is the picture we see Mars the Roman god of war and Cupid a cherubim that the Romans and the Greeks believe to be the source of many love connections. This little guy is who we all see around Valentine's Day
Thor the god of thunder. Many parallel him with the Greek Zeus who is also the thunder god and god of all the gods on Olympus. This piece shows Thor in action.
This is a piece showing Jesus performing one of his many miracles. Here we see him giving sight to Bartimaeus, who was a blind beggar that hung out by the gates of Jerusalem.
This is a piece that shows Jesus ministering to the woman of Samaria. Jesus met this woman at the well as you can see here, and he ministers to her about her life and the things that are to come.
This is a piece of one of the most famous stories in the bible. This is a picture of Jesus walking on water and saving Peter after he too walked on water and then lost faith.
This is a painting of the crucifixion. Jesus was charged and sentenced to death even though there was no fault found in him. During this time Roman death was by crucifixion.
This is the Last Supper. It really is the passover meal but was coined The Last Supper by Christians as this is the last meal Jesus had with his disciples before he was crucified.
Credits: All media
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