Man in Nature

These pieces show briefly how Man interacts with Nature in America during the 19th century. The pieces focus on harbors and mountain landscapes and the calm interaction between Man and Nature. But one piece emphasizes how Man still is subordinate to Nature, as much as he tries to control it to promote his Civilization.

Youth in their innocence enjoying and exploring nature. Following their father's examples and learning how to capture nature.
This scene focuses on the skyline and the water, not the buildings. We see groups of men fishing, a simple way to try to control nature.
This landing has few other modifications to the natural landscape. Farmers have traditionally been seen as having a stronger connection with the natural world than other professions and lifestyles. Here the landscape is not modified much other than the landing and boat. We see no people, only the animals freely grazing.
The focus isn't on the buildings, but the huge sky, rising sun, and clear lake. Young boys enjoy nature while in the distance we see how Man harnesses nature to use in production--landings, steam engines, etc.
The simple farmyard , with accomodations for winter. Stores of hay, buildings to protect the animals. Here Man has to make accomodations for the seasons, and cannot control that part of nature.
This piece shows the Interaction between Man and Nature. We see how Man uses the water to promote his civilization, from the humble two-man boat to the steamer.
This is a powerful waterfall, a majestic beauty admired by Man and to this point, left in its Natural state.
The pristine mountain lake fed by the spring out of the rock and the low-lying clouds suggest the mysteriousness of the Rocky Mountains. At the time of this painting the Continental Railroad cut through landscapes but this tranquil scene appears untouched.
Here Man is fleeing from the destructiveness of Nature, showing his inability to control all of Nature, especially in Western life. Yet Man still appears victorious as he rides (in retreat) on a white horse carrying what we presume is a "damsel in distress."
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