Rabbits by Claudia

This theme of my exhibition is rabbits I chose this theme because I like rabbits and i want to know more about them. The theme can be seen in a painting,film,sculpture,photography and installation.in this exhibition the people can see the artworks and what their about. The theme is about rabbits and how they look on paintings,films,sculptures and more, this theme is an interesting theme because it's a living thing and it can get interesting and tell you a lot of things about it like its tone,colour,shape etc. I chose other artworks that involved rabbits. I wanted to choose these artworks because they look pretty interesting to look at. I chose a sculpture of a rabbit that looked like it was made while looking at a real life rabbit. After I chose my fifteen pictures of rabbits I started to look at them again and see if they were interesting and if I really liked them to be involved in my assessment task.     

this artwork is about a rabbit that has been made out of ceramics and has been painted in a light colour thats white. i think that this artist has put in alot of effort to complete this artwork. this artwork makes me feel happy because the colour is nice and neat and the shape of it is cute.
i think that this artwork is very creative brcause the clolours are very light and creative to use on a artwork painting. i think that this artist has put a creative effort into this artwork and has took their time to do it. this art work makes me feel like its a interesting painting.
Credits: All media
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