Gallery of line Alexander rodriguez

The way that the lines are used for this graffiti drawing is kinda like wavy for the words and the hand thats holding a weapon. Plus the numbers at the top of the graffiti word they are curved.
They flower that looks like its made out of hearts , it looks like the lines for the heart are curved but then when thy meet the ends are sharp and have a point.
The lines that are drawn on here is kinda like sad lines that the artist was in a sad mood and just drawed it the way that his mood had felt as he was drawing this picture.
The lines are like drawn like when the artist was bored and just started to draw random lines and make it look like something splatted on the wall and made it look real with the lines he drew.
The lines that are drawn in this painting are kinda straight lines because they are used on the lady's dress, are on the curtain that's next to them. some lines are straight or kinda have sharp ends.
The way that the lines are being used in this drawing is if u look at the hair it shows lines that we drawn for their hair.Lines are curved for their face and chin.
You can see lines all around the walls like doing curves and kinda like sharp turns and just going all around the wall. The little boy will draw a follow with lines going around the follow.
The lines on here are just straight lines that are going up and down. There are just different colors of lines, half side is blue and the other half is white.
This is a knife drawing and lines that are drawn in here are straight and are going from one end to another. Some get more bigger but then some stay small.
The lines on here are like drawn all crazy and some go straight but then do a curve then go straight again. Some of the lines here are small and darker than others.
The lines on here are straight but they just change a different direction and they start to fade and in the middle of the lines it gets darker but when you go to the edges they start to kinda fade.
The lines are straight in here but only change direction, at the bottom of the drawing the lines start to curve and get much more darker. The lines on top are lighter than the ones at the bottom.
The lines are kinda curved when the little strings are hanging from the ring. The strings that are hanging from the ring are also straight because they're hanging from the ring.
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