Ben's Gallery

The dark tone and atmosphere gives a chilling feel to the painting. The art uses a good since of blur as the day comes to an end.
The brush strokes, the lack of true details gives this painting an interesting look and feel. The old man sitting by himself and looks rather sad. The looming gentle men in the background gives the painting a mysterious feel to it.
The hole at the top of the dome draws the eyes straight to it. Almost as if the artiest wanted peoples attention to be pulled away from the rest of his work.
Tasteful or disgraceful? For its time I am sure this painting must have turn heads. The naked body being painted by a fully dressed man. I found this to be a interesting painting because of the lack of detail in the characters. There is enough to make out what sex they are but not enough to get a connection to.
Something about pain drew me to this painting. The thought of being imprisoned, destroying your will and who you are. The painting uses almost no colors besides black and white. Almost a gray wash theme.
A painting with brighter colors but not to bight. The mother holding her child in a none loving way as if she didn't want him.
A small peaceful looking town by the water on a rather nice day. The brush strokes are interesting, the panaramic view allows you to see more of the landscape versus the town. 
The outside wall appears to give a slight view of the inside of the building. I feel that the eye is drawn to the enter of the circle because of the brightness used in the background.
This is a simple painting, the use of all whit with a shade of black for the woods in the background helps deliver the intensity of the storm.
The vast emptiness of the town gives a ghostly feel to it. The building gives the painting a very centered view point. Drawing the eye to the middle building. 
A disturbing painting, a lot of chaos and distress on the characters paint an powerful feeling.
The use of the turtles was fun to look at as they walk all over each other. Perhaps a race that went wrong.
The landscape that makes no sense and that is the reason I choose the painting. It allows the mind to wonder with your own thoughts on what this landscape is suppose to be.
The view point of the painting is rather odd. The room is lifeless but use a great deal of colors. 
This painting is the odd bunch of the pack. Using all red to deliver his painting gives it a color perspective. 
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