Madonna and child in different parts of the world

I intended to show "Madonna and Child" from different places around the world. The most famous seem to come from Italy, and renowned artists, so I'm trying to show that there are more paintings of such than we are aware.

This painting is done by Andrea Mantegna who studied archaeology. I decided to use this art work because it was painted by the same artist as the engraving. I liked this piece because it shows that he couldn't just make one, he needed more to full express the subject. The artwork is pretty old, but it has bright colors, surrounded by dark ones, that make everything stand out just enough to appreciate the subject, the baby Jesus, and the love of the mother.
This engraving was done by Andrea Mantegna. His engravings are controversial because it is believed that he didn't do the engravings himself, and actually commissioned people to do them. I chose this artwork because it is an engraving, and even though he is Italian and a little well known, it shows what we were talking about last two classes, and how this mother holds her child and shows love.
I decided to incorporate this art work because it is by a not so well-known artist, and in India, where there was little Christianity, and more Hinduism and Buddhism. Beg was a Persian painter who worked for the royalty in that time. I liked this art piece because it depicts the child a bit differently than all the others. the other works depict the child as a baby, here the child seems a bit nigger than a baby, plus extra long, and he's holding a book. I suggest it depicts his knowing. The Madonna is also depicted differently from all the rest. She just has a different sense of beauty.
Hoyau was a French sculptor. He did many religious pieces, but this is one of his least famous ones. I chose to include this piece because it is different from the others in the way that the mother is seen holding her child. she holds him off to the side and looks downward, while in the others, the mother looks at the child or straight forward. The child also seems to be breast feeding.
I chose this photograph because Hine was a American sociologist and photographer. He used his camera as a tool to help with the child labor laws. This photograph depicts an Italian immigrant mother and her daughter. i liked this picture because it depicts the idea of "Madonna and Child" in real life. the child looks at the mother with searching eyes and the mother looks at the child trying to offer some comfort.
The artist of this painting is unknown. I chose this painting because it depicts the same idea, just with more color. the flowers add detail, and the bright colors liven it up. i believe the theme of "Madonna and Child" is something to be celebrated, it is a good thing. i believe this is one of the pieces that does that. it looks joyful, the others do not as much.
Durer was a famous painter, printmaker, and theorist during the German Renaissance. He was able to make a name for himself while in his twenties. I liked this piece because it depicts the "Madonna and Child" in a peculiar way. The faces he decides to give them are totally different from we're used to seeing. The child is also depicted as a little deform in my view. The bright red behind the mother does a great contrast with the bright blue she is wearing. you can see the cold stare she gives off.
This painting is quite well known, and was made by a pretty influential artist during the 13th and 14th century. I chose this piece to go last because you can compare the different depictions of the child and mother. the child is much, much smaller than the mother, but the art work depicts a bond between the two which the others lack. Madonna's dark clothing make her face, and the child standout.
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