i love when art comes life!

Fifteen pieces of art work that caught my eye for art history.

I love interior design. I hope I am able to draw like this some day! I would love to use my drawing skills for not just illustrating children stories for books and hopefully television, but to also design children's rooms and more. I also love event planning. I'm a great organizer just like my mom, Tena McDonald. Being a set director is basically the same concept as interior design, but the idea of bringing ideas to life with production is everything I should be doing. I could be working in productions and media, and that's what I want too! I want to be on television some how! That's always been the ultimate goal. I now see so many doors in front of me. What drew me to this art piece was the color and the lines. When I get this excited for a picture of a room, that's when I know I love something. I know, in this case, it's the interior designer in me that is singing.
I love glass art. This piece makes me think of my second grade teacher, Mrs. Dennis. She loved western, tribal collectables. She also enjoyed poetry and creative writing. She brought her teaching to life and that is why she always stood out the most to me. The colors are so pretty! The glass bring the colors to life too.
I felt happy looking at this art piece. I wasn't sure what I was looking at, but I could see I was looking at the sky and what appeared to be, new flowers budding out for the welcome of spring. So in conclusion I figured it might as well be a birds nest. New life is always a happy feeling.
Again, I love glass work. When I look at this, I think of Alice's dress, from 'Alice in Wonderland. I always wanted to know how they mix color in glass like that. I love the color, use of lines, and texture as well.
My mom always had grapes around our kitchen in my house growing up. I love fruit paintings with the use of colors.
Astonishing! I love this. Reminds me of my grandma. She always had glass ware like this in her home. The texture is so pretty.
Another beautiful glass piece that was used to hold liquor. The crystal texture is my favorite.
The use of color was eye popping to me.
The use of color is great. I can feel the bitter cold in the picture.
I'm an October baby. I love the colors of fall. This made me think of back home when it is fall. I will miss that, while being attending Full Sail.
I love the use of texture and lines in this picture. I hope I can draw chairs and tables like this someday.
I remember when I was a little girl. I use to draw polar bears and my mom always loved my polar bear drawings. Polar Bears are one of my favorite animals. I felt a connection with this painting. I love the shading and composition used.
I LOVE this piece of furniture! I love the detail!
I love architecture! The use of lines has me really engaged in the mansion.
I love the use of lines and texture in this painting. I love the water. Makes me want to go for a swim.
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