My Gallery

Gabriela Castaneda 

This is an example of equality, how this little boy does not have a feet and he still have the rights and is equal to any human being
This mural shows how freedom is important. The artist expresses himself by making this mural.
This is a painting of equality, how through the years it processed equality.
Equality between everyone, no mater what color is your skin or anything else.
I used this mural as rights, how people did not respected the rights of any human being.
This is an example of liberty, how this woman is caring the American flag.
This is another example it can be shown as liberty and equality between men and women.
Liberty. You don't have to be a men to have rights and freedom.
Rights between everyone, we are all equal no mater what.
I think this image has rights, liberty and equality all together. Is a black women with different colors showing that we all are the same.
This man shows democracy, it looks like a man of politics.
Equality and rights. No matter what, we are all the same.
This man shows how he fought for his country (what I can imagine) and how he end up hurt by fighting for something he loved.
Rights between all human beings. We shouldn't have more or less. This shows democracy too, because we all should have the same rights.
The rights of abortion. Any women should be able to decide that, this shows that that decision is more personal than anything else.
Liberty. Expression of how freedom feels.
This is a black man, dressed good and healthy.
This shows how this old man fought for what was worth fighting for.
This shows the country politician, three powerful man who had everything but at the same time has nothing.
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