Greek Paintings

Sara Christie and Jackie Cole

Who- The painting was done by Peter Paul Rubens. What- The painting shows King Agamemnon who must give up Chryseis to Apollo her father, they had done that so they could stop the plague. In exchange they had took Briseis the love of Achilles. When- The painting was made from 1630-1635. Where- The painting was created in Antwerp. How- The painting is an oil sketch in a series of eight.
Who- The painting was done by Rembrandt van Rijn What- The painting is of Aristotle and a bust of Homer. Aristotle is shown resting his hand on Homer. This is an imaginary portrait and many different thoughts about the painting goes around. Some people suggest that Aristotle is questioning the worth of success to spiritual values. When- The painting was done in 1653 How- This painting is an oil sketch on canvas
Who Maerten van Heemskerck painted this image. What It is a panorama to accompany Cardinal Ridolfo Pio’s collection. it When He painted this in 1535. Where He painted this image in Rome.
Who The painter is Hans Emi. A competitor, three runners, and an unshaven face thought to be Zeus. What The competitor is throwing a javelin and one throwing a hammer. When The date the website says it was created is in 1983. Where It was created in Switzerland.
Credits: All media
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