Lines in artwork

The lines are both bold and thin. The lines are curved and spiraled. Some lines are implied.
The lines are dark and curved but vertical.They're implied at the top of the artwork.
These lines are vertical and thin. The lines are in the foregorund and the middle and background.
These lines are all in the middle of the artwork in the shape of a head. The lines are curved. Some are close together and others are farther apart.
Most of these lines are vertical. One line is diagonal. These lines are bolded in some parts and thinned out in other areas.
These lines are curved and mostly vertical. Some lines are thicker than others.
These lines are straight but horizontal, vertical and diagonal. There are more lines on the left side of this painting.
There lines show the foregorund middleground and background. The lines are more concentrated at the top of the painting. There are different colored lines, different thicknesses of lines and direction
There are three different types of lines in this picture: horizontal, vertical and curved. The lines are different colors but mostly the same thickness.
All the lines in this painting are short, diagonal, black lines. They are spread evenly across the artwork.
Credits: All media
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