Around the World in 80 days By: Jules Verne

Epigraph: “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” ― Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days

Universal Theme: Determination Phileas Fogg has accepted the challenge of trying to go around the world in 80 days and despite all the ups and downs he has a never quit attitude.
Tone: Hopeful Phileas Fogg has been put down by many people saying that he won't be able to complete the trip in the time they have given him, but he stays hopeful and doesn't let anyone change his attitude.
Phileas Fogg is from London and the story takes place in 1873.
Text to self: In the last moments of Phileas Fogg's trip, he gets arrested by Fix in London. He thinks he is too late to make the dead line but his manservant, Passepartout, realized that he miscalculated and actually had one day left. This reminds me of myself in the mornings when I think I'm late for school but turn out to be thirty minutes early.
This garden represents Phileas Fogg because he is a very joyful optomistic person and that is what comes into my mind when I think of a garden.
I chose a painting of a beach because I think of calm and relaxed and Phileas Fogg did a very good job staying calm when he was put in this situation.
The fireworks makes me think of positive and high energy people which Phileas Fogg definitely is. Her is my link to my mandala.
Phileas Fogg went to New York and saw the Statue of Liberty in his trip and I thought it was kinda cool that he went and saw that.
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