Principles of art

Liz Farquhar

Pattern- The little wing-like things are repeated over and over. if you look close enough, those clusters are repeated in a certain way so it's a pattern.
Emphasis- Even though there are 4 people, the focus is on Madonna and the child. She is higher up than the donors and emphasized by the dark background behind her. She also is wearing brighter clothes
Variety- This art has so much going on; it has lines, color, texture, space, and shapes. It has many different aspects that give it variety.
Unity- This art has many of the elements: lines, space, texture, form, value and color. They all work together subtly to create a complete scene. This is one, unified artwork because of all of these.
Balance- There is a lot of symmetrical and radial balance in this work. The canon table could be split in half and still be equal halves. The half circle on the top is an example of radial balance.
Movement/Rhythm- The sea practically looks like it's about to start sloshing on me. The artist used a lot of value and texture to make the waves look real enough for this and to capture their movement
Proportions- In this work, the torso of the man seems very long compared to a normal human body. Using an exaggerated torso length with long arms helped create the certain look that this art has.
Credits: All media
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