These oil on canvas paintings are from the rococo period,which is during the reign of King Louis XV (1715-1774). Each painting shows characteristics from the period, such as light pastel colors, dainty figures, and themes of nature. I chose this period because appreciate rococo paintings and enjoy looking at the light colors.

This painting has all the characteristics of a rococo painting. When looking at the painting, it has a very light -hearted feeling to it. This painting shows a different perspective of the Fragonard's more famous version of The Swing.
This painting has a pastel color scheme with hints of gold color, which are some of the characteristics of rococo.
This painting has lots of greenery in the backgrounds. The people in the image seem to be of a high class, which is also seen in a lot of rococo paintings.
This painting is similar to The Meeting, with lush fields and high class people in it.
Has rococo characteristics of greenery in the background and showing a high class woman as the main subject.
While the paintings focuses on the high class, it is different through it empty background and lack of greenery. This painting is also similar to Madame Bergeret, with both women having similar appearances.
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