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Chris Redding-My theme is music; history and mythology for subject based and color, texture and pattern are my theme for visual. Because I love learning about the greek mythology world dealing with the gods like Zeus, Hercules, Poseidon and Hades. Also love the originality and great detail of hard work you can obviously tell the artist put into the great work of art. 

This art work goes with my theme perfectly because of the great texture used within the creation of their robes. The robes are designed to be viewed from the one side only and was created with marble but the skin areas are smooth. I learned this artwork creation is called relief.
The Centaur Mosaic artwork goes perfectly with my theme because it tells you about the history of the roman emperor. It shows they used to live in peace with the animal life then one wrong turn and the landscape changes to truly show the dangers of wild life and the true struggle.
The wine mixing bowl fits my theme because it goes with the greek gods and their society used the vase to serve wine. The vase shows ethicizes on the return of Hephaistos to mount Olympos and to get revenge he sat on her so he could release her from the thrown.
The artwork Funerary Pinax with Mourning geos great with my history theme because it shows eight women that are wrapped in garments but the faces are painted white. And a child who is dressed like a grown but is forced into it because the mother has died from giving child brith.
I really liked the artwork Calyx Krater vase to go with my theme of patterns and it was apart of a collection that belonged to Sir William Hamilton’s in the year 1730-1803 a great collection of antiquities. The vase was a scene was of Apotheose of Homer and was celebrated poet
The great painting Tail of the dragon is a great theme for me because its color and pattern used. The black and grey dragon design is very great and a awesome creation that can be seen far away from roads, highways or even driveways and bring a huge amount of joy to the viewer of the beautiful piece.
The Theme of using scratch paper it shows great innovative colors and designs that show very complex artwork. It covers the canvas board with oil pastels and can create any design the heart desires. Also it would help create your dreams and make them come to life from your very own unique perspective
Graffiti is very great artwork that brings out your very own personality and brings out the great street culture. Its well known for being provocative and very bold also widely used inside the hip hop community. But originally it was used by gangs to mark their territory in the urban area.
The central Avenue painting is created by one of the greatest photography across the world. And the theme it helps show to me is the pattern and the color also the great history behind it. Taken with a special camera to help format large negatives a great technique used inventiveness. Ferrez as a researcher of different techniques developed a great pioneering project
The theme I found in this artwork The Abduction of Europa shows great color and patterns. It was created in ancient Rome so it also has great history and a poet disguised himself so he could seduce the princess of Europa. Rembrandt rarely painted mythological subjects but used this paintings to help spread his dramatic gestures and visual effects.
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