There are a lot of motifs throughout the book , ''The Book Thief"". One of the motifs in the book , is books and words. Also a motif is music.  A motif is something that reoccur throughout the story. The motifs help form the characters in the story. Liesel gets made fun of for not knowing how to read and write , but she proves everyone wrong because of her going home everyday and she reads and writes. 

This painting reminds me of what Liesels room. Throughout the story , liesel steals books. The darkness of the room , and the color is very dull. The books that she steals are not bright , shinny , and colorfull. They are very dull. The time frame in the story is not resent , it is taking place in the 1900s.
Words have a great impact in the book. Liesel writes a lot in the book. She is learning how to write , because when she came to Molching, Germany , she did not really know how to write. Her papa teaches her, and she gets better at it.
Music and instruments play a big role in the book. Papa plays the accordion. He gets the accordion , from Max's father , before he died. He plays the instrument for happiness in this alfull time in Germany. A war is going on. People are losing money and jobs. The instrument makes people happy.
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