max's geometric curator project

link:                                                                                                              I chose this theme because I have always found geometric architecture and art interesting and cool. These paintings and sculptures use and show 2D and 3D shapes and figures, thus contributing to my exhibit. The thing that I have learned about art by curating an exhibit is that there are no to pieces of art that are alike, but they all have something in common with each other!

This piece is a nice way to begin my gallery because the sphere looks like it has just been placed and will slowly roll down to the blocks below just like you have just started looking at my gallery and will slowly come to an end.
This painting uses unusual 3D shapes to create a maze.
This painting tells a story through pictures painted on cubes arranged in a certain way.
The artist used the principal harmony by combining the elements form and color to make a soothing sculpture
The ancient people of Egypt built giant pyramids for their kings. This picture is one of them
This piece is a nice ending to my gallery by adding a mental part to my gallery. The artist has used 6 sided figures and put them together to make a cube, sort of like a puzzle.
Credits: All media
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