Frutchey's Color Gallery

Color Gallery

Cool color scheme.
Analogous colors!
Cool colors give this picture a calming effect and also makes me feel like the girl is feeling sad.
The three primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.
Complementary colors provide contrast that draws a person's attention to the lion.
Monochromatic. In my opinion the monochromatic color scheme makes all of the soldiers look similar. Giving the impression that there is no individualism in war. The monochromatic color scheme also helps draw the audience's focus on the soldiers as a group.
The intensity of the colors drew my eyes immediately to this picture. First the analogous colors of green and yellow captured my attention, but then my focus kept shifting towards the complementary colors of blue and orange.
The monochromatic color scheme draws our attention to the motion of the chandelier.
These complementary colors allow us to focus on the multitude of flowers in the field.
Complementary Colors provide a contrast that allows the prospector to first focus on the yellow and then the purple vase.
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