Element of Color

This drawing executes a monochromatic color scheme because it is all essentially consists of only the color brown in many different shades to emphasize parts of the drawing.
This shows the use of analogous colors with the use of the green and yellow tones.
This oil canvas shows both warm and cool colors along with the light and dark range of each color but also includes black and white for emphasis on the colors.
Contrast of complementary colors to emphasize the presence of boats in comparison to the background.
This is an example of art that incorporates earth tones.
This represents hue in represented by numerous shades of that one hue.
This is an example of art that incorporates one hue for most of the painting, and then incorporates a new aspect aside from the one hue.
This demonstrates analogous colors with the use of red and green with the black used as a way to separate the two.
This demonstrates cool colors throughout the entire piece.
This demonstrates a monochromatic color scheme with the use of the color orange.
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