A balance of innocence and maturity 

Innocence and maturity affects your everyday life. You have to be mature and know how to deal with real life with what is right and wrong, however having innocence can help you learn new things and become a better person.

The bird can fly away from any problem it has, just as people who try to escape from their problems, they do not deal with there problem in a mature way, showing a loss of innocence.
Balloons drifting away resemble the action of your innocence slowly being taking away from you.
All flowers die, just as the innocence in humans slowly dies away from you through out your life.
Butterflies symbolize peace and innocence, they are peaceful creatures who get along with each other and make the world a better place. Just as innocence does.
The colors of the rainbow unite to make a beautiful picture, just as if each color was a different person with innocence. Uniting to show how beautiful the world would be with people with innocence.
Think of this knife as something that kills innocence.
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