This collecton of painting dont really have anything in common. Well ,I didnt base this ollection on anything I just choose paintings I liked. I choose paintings that were bright and made me feel good but, some made me feel sad. Thanks for looking at my collection. 

I choose this picture because it has Obama in it. I love the colors and they make me feel happy. This picture reminds me how much saiyan pride I have. Obama should be president forever cause hes the best. F**k donald trump.
This picture reminds me of all the problems we have on this Earth. Everyone is wearing gas mask to prevent them from breathing in the harsh air.The oil companies and refineries that dont care about our air they just care about money.
I choose this picture because it reminded me of this freerun map on black ops 3 when you fall. It has very dark but also bright color to express feeling. This painting may represent someone who needs help and is on the edge from failing. or he may just have a headache and is fainting.
In this picture I see like a broken wall that reveals the earth. The yellow thing at the bottom kind of looks like a bridge that leads to earth. It makes me feel like I havent explored the world yet. Theres still many things to see and do and life is to short to not explore everything.
In this painting i see windows that show different parts of the world and how everything is different. In Moscow it looks like theres a pink structure with a blue kangroo standing in front of it. In China it show the mountains with hthe great wall and a cat sleeping in front of it.
In this painting I see many faces that look like Native American faces. There are many very vibrent colors and alot of dark ones. It makes me feel like I cant see the faces. It kind of looks like there having a celebration or some kind of ritual.
In this painting I see guy thats pointing at who ever is viewing the painting and telling them to stay free. The man looks like a busniess man. This also may be some kind of political thing or it may be a period of time that there a lot of bad things going on. The letters that spell out STAY FREE have a very nice font and the colors are very cool.
The thing that really count my eye is Batman and Joker. The colors in this painting are all very bright and colorful. At the bottom it looks like it says "Sonic Malade" which I have no idea what or where that is. This painting make me feel happy because of the colors.
I choose this painting because it show nice features of Japan. It shows the nice big mountain in the back, but also in the back of that is the Japanese flag. Next to the mountain theres what may be a special tree. leading up to it is walls on both side and a sign that say "Detour to the Japanese sector."
In this painting it show a path that leads to a very bright city. Above the city to the right theres a massive dragon that reminds me about godzilla. Also above the city to the left theres what looks like a galaxy/solar system. Lastly, the whole city is like a island.
In this painting Many faces that are different colors and they all have different emotions. This painting makes me feel like not everyone can be happy. All the colors in this painting are very dual but bright at the same time.
In this painting theres a little car that looks like a bettle crashing through a wall. This painting makes me feel like you can do anything. Even if your smell you can still get through life or obstaicles. Also I notices that the artist but the date on the license plate.
In this painting I see a american flag and buildings. The little stick figure may represent people. The painting may represent the time period of the civil war or some other war. There are some bright colors and some dark colors but they contrast well.
In this painting i see many people. It seems like the people are being forced to go in between these walls with no chance of help. This painting make me feel sad because there being forced to go one way and the have no chance to go another.
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